Holly Stuart Designs

If I could redecorate my home, I’d model it after the chic interior of the fictional White House in House of Cards (about all I could concentrate on while watching Season 2). The Underwood aesthetic: a neutral color palette, elegant, lush and subdued fabrics, brass lamps, dark wood trim, hurricane lamps etc. All very ‘Washingtonian’. So, I was perusing my favorite home decor shop in DC online (DC bound today so this was not totally out of left field) and as it turns out, they have provided many of the pieces to the House of Cards sets. While I’m not looking at any big pieces at the moment, I love these kitchen accents from Holly Stuart Home. She makes beautiful placemats, coasters and serving trays in a variety of colors and patterns. Frank & Claire approved. Receive 25% off all placemats using online code: springhassprung.


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