The Sea of Cortez


Ever since a friend took me on my first whale watching trip four years ago, I’ve developed quite an obsession with these mammals. In Mexico, we met a couple who spent the day out on the Sea of Cortez and hit the whale jackpot. They saw multiple humpback whales breach and even saw a blue whale (say what??!). With one look John knew what was on tap for us the next day. Rancho Pescadero is located on the Pacific Ocean so we made the trek to La Paz, located on the Sea of Cortez. Two fishermen, who knew their stuff, took us out on their boat through The Cortez Club.¬† We didn’t spot any whales, but saw flying mantas, dolphins, and got to swim with seals and whale sharks (the world’s largest fish). I should probably mention they don’t have any teeth.

The Sea of Cortez was beautiful with so many different shades of blue. We had a great day out on the water and I had an even better time performing a 702 rendition¬†of, “Where my Girls Whales At?”

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