A local’s guide to Nantucket

Every summer we look forward to seeing one of our best family friends who grew up across the street from my mom in DC. Dave definitely has more dirt on my mom and her six siblings as a teenagers than anyone but sadly remains tight-lipped. He’s lived on Nantucket for as long as I’ve been around. 29 years to be exact (although he doesn’t look or act a day above 29- must be that salty Island air!). And you can’t walk three steps down the street without Dave running into at least five people he knows. If you’re ever in Nantucket be sure to check out his surf shop, Indian Summer, where my family stocks up on boogie boards, Patagonia, Indian Summer hoodies, watches, and bathing suits.


Below Dave shares his favorite local spots:

1. Best month to visit Nantucket: September

2. Best beach: The one no one’s on

3. Best surf: The big Madaket

4. Best drink: The Goddess (spicy tequila, cucumber & lime) from Corazon del Mar [drank a few too many of these with Dave the night John & I got engaged)

5. Best native beer: Cisco Grey Lady

6. Best lobster roll: Walters

7. Best burger: The Lola Burger on Sparks Avenue

8. Best pizza: Pi Pizzeria

9. Best spot for live music: The box [I was blacklisted from The Chicken Box one summer for passing back my ID to my then 16-year-old sister #lowpoint]

10. Best ice cream: The Juice Bar


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