Brunch, please.

This weekend, as I lay dramatically on my couch without taste buds (I’ve been sick), I found myself making a list of certain foods I wanted to eat as soon as I got better. Without question, breakfast/brunch is my favorite meal of the day. Below are my top 10 favorite brunch spots in San Francisco, in no particular order. You can’t go wrong with any of these places and I’ve included my favorite menu items too.

1.) Outerlands (order the dutch pancake):


2.) Plow (order the lemon ricotta pancakes and The Plow):


3.) Park Tavern (order the avocado toast or cast iron-baked farm eggs):


4.) Craftsman and Wolves (order The Rebel Within, pictured below):

Craftsman-Wolves-Muffin5.) Liberty Cafe (order the french toast):


6.) Tartine Bakery (order the morning bun and quiche):



7.) Foreign Cinema (order the organic pop-tarts and lavender warmed goat cheese crostini):


8.) Nopa (order the Goat Cheese bread pudding, cream biscuit and custard French toast):


9.) Central Kitchen (order the dill & asparagus frittata with crème fraîche & avocado):

radishes-with-cultured-butter-sea-salt-Copy10.) Zazie (order any one of the poached eggs served on an English muffin with their light lemon hollandaise sauce):




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