The Newport Master Table

Crisloid, famed for their backgammon boards, just released a new backgammon table that I will own one day;) It can fit in any room with their customizable options (see here). Transport me to that vineyard stat!



Nikon D3300

I’ve had a few people ask about my camera recently so thought I’d share since it’s now on SALE. The camera is fairly light and compact which is great for traveling. I’ve been so happy with the picture quality, especially when it comes to photographing kids– my new favorite pastime (see below). I also highly recommend purchasing this Nikon WU-1A Wireless Mobile Adapter. Game changer.

Z-d3300-beautyA few photos I’ve taken with my Nikon over the past couple of months (I guess it’s easy when your subjects are so cute):

DSC_0253 DSC_0267


Nine Fair

It’s no secret that I am backgammon obsessed. Place a board and some good company in front of me and I’m set for hours. I recently came across a new company, Nine Fair, a bespoke backgammon company that specializes in handmade and hand-painted boards. There are even some customizable options which would make the perfect wedding gift. And, of course the Nantucket themed boards pull at my heart-strings…

board whale_prod_shot_grande board 22 ack_prod_shot_grandeFollow their Instagram account @nine_fair

Summer Reading List

I’ve had reading commitment issues lately however, I am excited to actually finish a book–cover-to-cover– on my upcoming vacation sans baby. Below is my summer reading wish list (keeping the material very light) thanks to theSkimm:

The Rocks

If you need a smart beach read, this is it. Set in Mallorca, it’s about something crazy that split up a honeymooning couple in the 1940s. Years later, their un-related children try to figure it out.

BLOG-POST-images-The-RocksMaybe in Another Life

About the two completely different lives a woman could’ve led, based on who she goes home with one night. It’s like the book version of “Sliding Doors,” minus Gwyneth.


The Nest

“The Family Stone” if the stone was cold hard cash. When the playboy older brother of a grown fam lands himself in rehab, he puts the group trust fund at risk. Cue his dysfunctional siblings scheming to get it all back. It’s funny and it’s deep. And you’ll hate-love them all.


51LOMFLbcvL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Along the Infinite Sea

A story about star-crossed lovers told in flashbacks. You’ll be as hooked as the first time you watched “The Bourne Identity,” and you’ll cry as much as the first time you watched “The Notebook.”


I’m Glad About You

“Crazy, Stupid, Love” meets “Notting Hill.” About an actress making it big and the complicated relationship she has with the guy she met as a teenager. You’ll read it in two days.


Summer Games

My days of looking orange sun worshipping are long gone. Below are some summer games–that are also aesthetically pleasing– to keep the entire family entertained. Stay tuned for my summer reading (wish) list coming soon!


{Backgammon & Checkers Game}

scoop-ball-set{Crate & Barrel Rattan Lacrosse}

6001_handsome_dan_handmade_leather_football_1{Handsome Dan Leather Football}

leblon-beach-bats-pastel-green-frescobol-carioca{Leblon Beach Bats}

26071290_000_a{Yard Dice}

terrain-bocce-ball-set-gear-patrol-full-{Bocce Ball Set}

ctc is THREE!

Thanks for following along on my adventures, curiosities and random musings over the past three years. It’s been fun (for me at least) and I’m grateful to have this outlet. Looking forward to expanding into some new avenues over the next year if I can get my act together. Stay tuned! xx

Messages Image(761106667) (1){illustration of me and my wonderful blogging assistant
by the talented LouLou of Peep’s Paper Products}




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