Travel Guide: Rome (eats)

I truly believe you can’t eat a bad meal in Rome. That being said, before leaving I found the end of the Internet really did my research to come up with the absolute best spots to eat.

Da Armando al Pantheon: My husband Snapchat messaged NYC Chef extraordinaire, Frank Prisinzano while in Rome asking where we should eat (“yo Franky, where should I bring my wife to eat in Rome? Bring your #A-game). Cringe. Frank actually responded with “Armando al Pantheon”. What a guy. Eat here.

Roscioli: Enjoy a long, leisurely lunch here and order the Cacio e Pepe and Carbonara. You will most definitely need a siesta after #carbicide. We absolutely loved our meal and especially loved the 15-month-old next to us who dined on ricotta cheese while sitting in a big wine bucket. No highchairs. Their pizzeria, Antico Forno, has some of the best Roman style pizza. Eat at room temperature.

Ristorante Nino: A very old school restaurant with a mix of chic international and local diners. It’s apparently Tom Cruises’ favorite restaurant, if you’re into that sort of thing. We had a great meal here on our first night.

Ristorante Piperno: located in the Jewish Ghetto, we dined here on our last night in Rome. The setting is beautiful and incredibly romantic (a couple got engaged a few tables away from us!). Order the Palle del Nonno aka Grandpa’s Balls. I was told it was one of those “don’t ask, just do” kind of things. Mouth-watering.

Da Enzo: authentic Roman food (locals considerate to be a secret gem). It’s not in the greatest part of town but it’s simple and unbelievably cheap!

Pizzeria La Montecarlo is a delicious sit down pizzeria with great pasta.

IMG_0236 IMG_0239FullSizeRender (65)FullSizeRender (66)

Until next time, Italy! Thanks for following along.

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