Travel Guide: Amalfi

The trek to Amalfi is not for the faint of heart. After planes, trains and winding automobile rides, we were exhausted upon arrival yet, the vibrant scene (Italy had just defeated Spain) and amazing views kept us going. We were also incidentally welcomed with an incredible fireworks show for the Festival of Sant’ Andrea–Amalfi’s largest religious celebration and a sight to see in Piazza Duomo. While Amalfi isn’t the most charming town on the coast (we found it to be a bit touristy), there are plenty of great options to eat, drink and be merry. Full disclosure: we planned our trip to Amalfi based on staying at Hotel Santa Caterina alone– stayed tuned for more on this gem.

EAT/ DRINK (because what else do you do in Italy?!):

Marina Grande Ristorante: the owner splits his time between Amalfi and San Francisco. The views are amazing and the food and wine list is even better. A local favorite.

Da Gemma: The decor, simple and elegant, with ceramic flooring and a terrace overlooking the heart of Amalfi, are some of the features that many have given praise since 1872. Chic people watching.

Ristorante Santa Caterina: The best restaurant in Amalfi. You MUST try the home made ravioli filled with zucchini (courgettes) and fresh buffalo ricotta cheese in lemon cream sauce.

Ristorante Al Mare: A more casual option in Hotel Santa Caterina– you can’t go wrong with a Neapolitan style pizza made in the traditional wood burning oven. Start with a martini on the terrace and take in the heavenly views!

Pasticceria Pansa: Savor la dolce vita while people watching and enjoying Limoncello post dinner at this family-run joint. Oh, and save room for dessert.


imageamalfiamalfi 1Fun fact: the yacht pictured above is the 11th largest yacht in the world. Ahhh, the visions of grandeur.

Next up: Hotel Santa Caterina!


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