The Sill (S’il Vous Plait)

Clearly I have plants on the brain. I came across this company, The Sill, yesterday and can’t wait to send a friend or family member a gift from here (great price points too). logoThe_Sill_August_White_with_Snake_Plant_f5950d6d-dc55-4623-b670-9e6f3846a0fbThe_Sill_Ezra_Sonora_with_Assorted_Echinopsis_Cactus_1f998ac7-121b-4eb5-91b6-a1ebdbb53366The_Sill_August_Matte_Black_with_Birds_Nest_Crissie_024ab0ec-c42b-421a-80c0-32abc75542b7Succulent_SetAnd if you really love someone and they happen to live in NYC, you can really make their day:

Fiddle_Leaf_Fig_5_7_foot_10240 the_sill_floor_planter_case_Study_monstera The_Sill_Indoor_Plant_Gift_Bryant_Cylinder_Set


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