Artist Spotlight: Farell Beam

My dear friend and San Francisco-based artist, Farell Beam, launched her new website showcasing her incredible paintings, drawings and layered paper cutouts. I am delighted to say the least. We just moved apartments and are in need of original artwork to cover our bare walls. Farell to the rescue (per usual)! If you are interested in a commission, contact her here or for more information on what’s to come, subscribe to her newsletter. Be sure to follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

static1.squarespace 12764539_1742937459272014_3355349481357765656_o 12764617_1742934999272260_5945380261978501928_o12771832_1742935052605588_7976134485432161494_o1899727_1742932245939202_5102622102821941509_o12711237_1742935362605557_5464258713483183412_o

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