Matt Davis Trail :: Mill Valley

Finally a hike that incorporates it all: hand-hewed footbridges, waterfalls, redwoods, fern canyons, city and ocean views. We explored Troop 80 and Matt Davis trail in Mill Valley on MLK day and will definitely be back with friends and visitors in tow. We worked up quite an appetite and hit Buckeye Roadhouse on the way back into the city (order the crispy polenta sticks). A day well spent.

I found the directions online to be a little confusing so hopefully this helps:

  • Park in the lot across from Mountain Home Inn
  • Take the gravel path up past the Throckmorton Fire Station and green water tower
  • Take the trail uphill marked ‘Matt Davis’ on your left
  • Follow Matt Davis and continue on Bootjack Trail
  • Retrace your steps or take Panoramic Trail back to the parking lot

horizontalbwmountain home inn overlooking canyon FullSizeRender (11)road

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