The New Meadowood Spa

Attn: Northern California Spa Lovers!!

The New Meadowood Spa opens on November 2nd and I’m cursing the fact that my anniversary has come and gone and my birthday isn’t until February. The new $60-million dollar renovation project looks incredible thanks to Backen, Gillam & Kroeger and interior designer, Leslie Hemmings.


The style of architecture reflects and respects the landscape: simple, rustic-modern structures with a strong connection to beyond the building itself, with natural elements flowing throughout. The color palette includes warm greys and browns, deep muted olive green, rustic black and natural flax textured linen. The new Spa offers a unique, all-suite concept, creating an elevated spa experience and giving guests a true sense of retreat and privacy. There are two relaxation gardens, one for women and one for men. Each features sitting areas, steam room and sauna and mineral soaking pool.

Read the full release here.


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