Trish McEvoy

Good old Trish. I forgot how much I love this brand until a recent trip to Neimans for popovers with strawberry butter. I like to keep my makeup routine pretty straightforward and below are three no-fail products to instantly make you look fresh-faced:

  1. If this mascara is LSD’s favorite then I’m game too. High Volume Mascara: Luminous Pearls Collection698997_fpx
  2. A co-worker lent me her lipstick in Vibrant 30 and I think I finally found my go-to shade. _7356168
  3. A girlfriend of mine (who is also a new mom) texted me the other day, “that moment you realize that’s not mascara under your eyes, just dark, dark circles from no sleep”. Well, here’s a solution: fill in the inner corner of the eye for added brightness with this pencil. Fake it ’til you make it, ladies. Or until your babies start sleeping…eye

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