Fall Splurges

Written by: Meryl

I LOVE the fall. I love the clothing, the weather, the food… it is the time of year when everything is at it’s best and most colorful. Fall has a magical quality about it, despite the natural world’s slow- and beautiful- preparation for winter hibernation, most feel like it is a time of new beginnings and a fresh start (thank you, school calendar!). More than any other season Fall inspires me to set goals to learn something new, pick up a new hobby to get through the long winter months, dig into a good book, and of course spruce up my wardrobe. Here are my top fall picks:

Health and Wellness:

Since I am relegated to crutches for the next two months I have to focus my health and wellness efforts internally. Despite my super hardcore PT seshes in the pool (yeah those are two pound weights- look out!) I am left feeling like I could do more. I have been drinking a ton of green smoothies and getting lots of rest while reading up on some more unconventional wellness techniques. My favorite that I have come across is LA based Moon Juice. At first this appears to be just another SoCal fresh pressed juicery but upon deeper inspection you will find that the etherial founder Amanda Chantal Bacon has much more in store. Moon Juice offers a wide variety strange and intriguing sounding tonics, milks, powders, and dusts. WTF is Vanilla Mushroom Protein? Maca? Pearl Dust? I don’t know but their descriptions, recipes, and mission (and beautiful packaging) have me very intrigued. Thankfully I am going to be in LA in a few weeks and have made sure to put Moon Juice on my agenda so I can dig a bit deeper and see what I find. Rest assured I will not leave that shop empty handed!




Whenever I tell someone that I am moving to Chicago I get a pretty standard response. “Oh you will love it! Except, those winters… yeah they are tough” As a result, I have been on the hunt for the perfect winter coat to help guard against the elements this year. Here are a few of my two favs:

Mackage Villa Hooded Lux Down Jacket– For those unbearably cold days.


Cuyana Wool Coat– when you want to stay warm and feel chic. kf_9119-coat_navy_1


A new fragrance always makes me feel like I have a new lease on life. Depending on the scent it can transform me into feeling like a fresh faced beauty out for an evening stroll to someone that lives in cashmere sweaters and always has fresh flowers in her house.

NM-184W_ex s1239789-main-hero-300

Being a fan of floral scents I recently tested out Hermes Gardenia Perfume and it was lovely. I am definitely adding it to my list of fragrances I want to buy for the fall.o.30709



I am really getting into this old school denim trend and although I think it will be difficult to find the perfect pair I am willing to try! Redone denim has a pretty impressive selection and an inspirational instagram account that may convince any doubters that those faded jeans of yesteryear could ever look good again.Denim-Featured



Like coats I have been doing some pretty intense boot research for this upcoming winter. I am deliberating between the classic american bean boot with some extra warmth built in and the stylish but functional dubarry boots from across the pond. And if the winter turns out not to be that bad maybe I will try and catch these beauties on sale later in the season 🙂


Skincare Products:

It would not be a Come to Coco post without a product wishlist (emphasis on the wishlist portion of this post) so here goes my latest:

As far as a new hobby for the fall I am thinking I will enlist my pal Kristin to learn me in the ways of ceramics when I am in LA for a visit- she makes beautiful stuff! And I have been dying to curl up by the fire with a cup of hot coco and dig into this book and then this one!

Happy Fall Everyone and have an awesome weekend!!



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