Adventures in Reiki

Written by: Meryl


Everytime I start to tell this story at a dinner party or over coffee with friends I start with a bunch of qualifiers, “I know it sounds crazy”, “I don’t really believe in this stuff”, “I was really just needing an outlet” but in all honesty Reiki has been one of the coolest things I have done in the last year.

I was initially attracted to it because I love to try new things; I started drinking kombucha in 2007 (and never stopped, sorry wallet), I have done the master cleanse a few times despite how insane it is (not totally convinced it is healthy either), I went to acupuncture for the first time without any ailment in mind- just to check it out… anyway you get the idea. So when my friend hairdresser, Dena suggested that I go to her Reikist to sort out some unresolved stress with my job and life I was intrigued. Dena spoke of her Reikist, Ani’s almost clairvoyant nature and how she has really helped her understand herself better on her journey to becoming her best self.

A few weeks later I was walking into Ani’s office in Old Greenwich not really sure what to expect but under strict instructions from my husband “not to give away too much about myself, otherwise we won’t know if she is really clairvoyant.” A difficult feat for me. So, it was a total relief when Ani said that unless I had any questions she preferred to speak after the session. The only other question she had was whether I was ok wth with light touch during our session, which of course the answer was yes.

75 minutes later Ani lightly patted my arm and told me she was finished working on me and she would let me get up slowly and be back in to talk in a few minutes. When she came back into the room she asked me how I felt and then went into what she had just experienced while “working on me and my chakras”. She began to describe how I have a protector who is defending my spirit, this woman/motherly figure was watching over me and made sure that Ani had the right to work on my energies before Ani was allowed to proceed. The more we spoke about this woman the more she seemed to resemble my Grandmother Dorothy who died when I was two. I have always had a strong connection to her memory and I was fascinated to hear that she may be “watching over me”. She then told me about how my energies were strong but also blocked, my Chakras were not “blending” in the transition zones and this was causing me to not realize my own power. We spoke a lot about what this means and which of my Chakras were more powerful than others. It was fascinating to discuss such things with Ani as I felt like she could literally see into my soul and my heart. I left feeling rejuvenated, curious, and special.

D{Grandmother Dorothy}

Around the time of this first session I was feeling pretty troubled about work and how it was effecting my life. I had been to my therapist who offered the usual platitudes and encouraging words but for whatever reason my session with Ani and her completely unprompted (all I did was lay on a table) recognition of my strengths and areas I can work on was much more powerful to me.

Fast forward 4 months to this July and my life had changed in so many ways. My husband, Geoff, had gotten a promotion at work that was relocating us to Chicago (yay Geoff!!). I had put in my notice at work and was starting to prepare for the move and the next phase of my life. I was feeling very light and excited about what was to come and I suddenly had the urge to see Ani again. I had this idea that she would look at my Chakras and they would all be exploding with excitement and freedom, it was almost as if I was looking forward to showing them off.

I booked the appointment and when I saw her she embraced me in a big hug. I had been out the night before for a friend’s birthday and so was not feeling in tip top shape but was really excited to be there and see what Ani would discover about me.henry-clarke-vogue-september-1968-conchita-cintron-horse

She asked me what was new and how I was, I told her we were moving and that I quit my job and I was happy about that. We spoke briefly about a few other things and then she had me lie down and she got to work. This session was 100% different from my first. I literally felt energy rushing through my body. Multiple times during the session I got VERY hot and then would suddenly cool off. When she was working around my head I had small visions, one of which was a horse running through a field. This time when she roused me she told me to look in the mirror- I was glowing. I am not sure I have ever seen my color so vibrant, and like I said I was out quite late the night before (HBD Ana ❤ ). In our debrief, we spoke about how my right side (the masculine side) was very strong and structured, how my job and my many positive male influences in my life had made that part of me powerful. She said it would be helpful if I found balance by engaging my left side more both physically and spiritually. She said I needed to strengthen my feminine instincts and she thought the best way for me to do this was through horseback riding. This blew me away given my horse vision during my session. She also told me that I was moving to my home- that Chicago was where I was meant to be for this part of my life and to take things slow and not leap into the first opportunity to arise because my calling is just around the corner if I look hard enough. She also shared more things with me that were personal and exciting and I hope to see come to fruition. I was there for almost 3 hours and I left feeling like I was walking on sunshine.

OK, I know this all sounds very ‘woo woo’ but this is the honest account of my sessions. A few weeks later I convinced my Dad to go (who I get my adventurous spirit from) and he had a very similar experience. Although he didn’t share much with me he did say she seemed to know a lot about him and accused me of giving her the low down on him before he arrived. He reported feeling elated for multiple days, he called me and asked “How long does this last? This is awesome”.

If you are considering trying Reiki I say go for it. I think it is important to go in with an open mind and not expecting too much. I also think it is important to find someone who has “the gift” like Ani does. If you live in the Tri-state area and want to schedule a session with Ani get in touch with our gal Coco and she can hook you up with her contact info. 🙂

Namaste Y’all.


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