Kids say the darndest things

I always get a kick out of Joanna’s, of A Cup of Jo, conversations with her son (see here). My sister was cleaning out boxes and came across some of my sibling’s homework assignments — honestly, where do kids come up with this stuff? Some great Monday afternoon reading material right here:

by: Nick

I like bread. It is good.
It’s all I eat everywhere.
If I am I’m at a restaurant I would order bread first.
If I was on an Island and I could have one food it would be bread!!


(editor’s note: we are definitely related.)

by: Nick

Mom, I remember when you used to give me baths in the sink.
It was fun!! And a little weird.
Now I’m way too big for the sink.
I would get stuck.


by: Julie

Clearly the best speller in the family.

by: Jen


by: Madeleine

“I would use my crystal ball to find out how my life is going to be in the future. I would find out if a boy like me and if so, who. And ask all my questions I wanted to ask then I would sell it for thousand millions and then spend the money for shopping.” [insert dollar sign eyes here].


My cousin Erin’s little boy wrote this gem. I. JUST.CAN’T.:

“Wawawa” I cried.
Ma passed away, I wailed.
We have to put an ad in the paper.
We’ll get a new one.


He was also deeply affected by Deflategate.

imageAnd lastly, if only every middle child could be this confident.




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