New Sunday Night Ritual

Since Hank’s birth my skin care routine has gone by the wayside. Time and sleep are precious and I couldn’t be bothered to spend more than a few minutes each day and night on my skin. I took a good hard look in the mirror yesterday dropped a few f bombs and decided to book it to Sephora.

On my way to the checkout counter, I passed a section of Tony Moly face sheet masks. Two individually wrapped masks for $7.50. A steal. I decided on the Lemon Brightening mask.

lemon_largeI wasn’t expecting much based on the price alone but the effects were immediate. The best part of the mask? It’s great for lazy Sundays: simply lay the sheet-style mask soaked in the treatment serum over your face, relax/ stalk Instagram for 20-30 minutes and peel it off. Voila! You don’t have to wash your face after.

Try it out, if only for the scary looking selfie.





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