Adult Coloring Books

Yes, you read that correctly. My sisters visited Terrain of Westport yesterday and came home with adult coloring books said to relieve stress. This prompted me to dig a little deeper. Sure enough, I came across a CNN article from April titled, “Adult Coloring Books Topping Bestseller Lists” (read here).

Atlanta-based art therapist Susanne Fincher, who has published several coloring books, said coloring can lift the mood, reduce anxiety and relieve stress.

“Art making is a powerful intervention,” Fincher wrote in an email. “Neuroscientific research has shown that through the use of art therapy, the human brain can physically change, grow, and rejuvenate.”

Time to pull out the colored pencils (or not)…

{Secret Garden}

secret garden28015477_000_f{Enchanted Forest}

35344449_000_a 35344449_000_b{The Art of Nature}


{Animal Kingdom}

millie-marotta-s-animal-kingdom P4272172---Copy

{Colored Pencils}



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