de Buci Baby

A friend recently told me about a new company, de Buci Baby, inspired by the designer’s love of toile and men’s pajamas (totally speaks to the East Coaster in me).  Alas, sleep sacks that are functional and fashionable!

I know what I’ll be gifting at my next baby shower…

Sleep Sacks

debuci-blue_plaid-2-A_1024x1024 debuci-blue_plaid-3-A_1024x1024 debuci-toile-2-A_1024x1024Toy Sleep Sacks

toile-toy_sleepsack-A_1024x1024 debuci-beige-9-A_1024x1024Blankets

debuci-ecomm-all-3_1024x1024You can follow their pretty Instagram account here.

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