Travel Tuesday: Bahamas

My sister recently graduated from Groovy UV — as if the birks paired with the cap and gown didn’t give it away ;).  To celebrate, she took the trip of a lifetime with friends to the Bahamas. Her pictures below have me daydreaming of quitting my day job crystal-blue waters and white sandy beaches.

IMG_8608 IMG_8605 IMG_860711407177_10155628742045576_2942185891070529289_nIMG_8614IMG_8615IMG_861011391229_10155628733315576_4200079652566064944_n11391483_10152987362531589_7303072132453540066_nIMG_860411148654_10155628895380576_4974515690068623156_nIMG_8609IMG_861110405348_10155628896240576_5722392053157550213_n11391266_10155628736235576_7880296161530844368_nIMG_8612

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