Off-the-Grid: Bolinas

Friends rented the same house in Bolinas (from this blog post) for the long weekend. We made the hour drive Sunday morning with plans to test our luck surfing. Sunday’s surf report: “Mysterious morning fog settling in and swirling about. A sinister SW wind putting the bite on the temps and rippling an already unwelcoming ocean surface. Sun is an enigma presently and may stay reclusive.” So, what do five novice surfers who have seen Blue Crush one too many times do? Head to 2 Mile Surf Shop to rent wetsuits and boards. Sleep training a baby will make one do crazy things.

Our friend Keith took a surf lesson the day before so we were hanging on his every word (before heading out my husband asked him if he was regular or goofy to which his sweet mother-in-law replied, “he looked good!”). As we paddled out, the sun broke and there was a pod of dolphins swimming about 20 yards from our group, temporarily distracting me from unwelcome sea dwellers and the fact that the neck of my wetsuit was impeding my breathing.

Overall, it was an incredibly successful day. No one got eaten by a shark, everyone rode a wave or two and there were cold beers, a hot tub and a sleeping baby (!) waiting for us back at the house. How did we get so lucky? Some pictures from our jaunt to Bolinas below:

DSC_0146IMG_7925 (1)IMG_7950 (1)IMG_7936DSC_0159DSC_0177DSC_0165DSC_0169DSC_0173DSC_0178IMG_7946IMG_3322

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