Newborn Essentials

Henry Halip Newborn Photos-Nicole Paulson Photography-10053

A few mamas-to-be requested a post on newborn essentials. Each mom will obviously find what works best from them but here are the items that have worked magic for us (and I’m no expert):

1. Snugapuppy Rock n’ Play :: I’d lose my mind without this; especially when Hank started boycotting the bassinet.

2. Sleep Sound Machine :: Babies are creatures of habit and whenever I turned this on, Hank starts to nod off.

3. Honest Healing Balm :: great for diaper rashes and dry skin (I rub this all over him after baths).

4. aden + anais swaddles :: No explanation needed for these.

5. Summer Infant Comfy Sponge Bath :: I used this until umbilical cord fell off and still use it to dry him off after a bath using the Brica ComfortTemp Infant Bather 

6. Nail Trimmer :: I’m too nervous to use baby nail clippers with Hank’s spastic movements (however, as of late I bite his nails as he’s nursing).

7. Zoli Diaper Changing Mat :: Perfect for naked tummy time if you need to air out any diaper rashes and as a changing mat for when you’re out and about.

8. Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Activity Gym :: This keeps him happy and occupied during wake time.

9. Black & White Art Cards :: I place these in Hank’s crib and he is captivated by them.

10. Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic :: His favorite toy (it rattles too).

11. Medela Quick Clean Micro- Steam Bags :: Takes away the hassle of boiling water. I wash bottles and pump parts with warm soapy water (using this) and then use these bags for three minutes in the microwave.

12. Nipple Shield :: I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed without this genius contraption. Amazing for anyone who experiences latch-on difficulties.

13. Soothies :: I promised myself I wouldn’t be a ‘pacifier mom’ but that lasted about an hour (Hank has since graduated to big boy pacifiers).

14. Carter’s onesies :: He lives in these day and night under his outfits.



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