Five Foundations :: A review

When my cousin Cami (remember her wardrobe essentials post?) was planning her wedding in Green Lake, Wisconsin she couldn’t find a makeup artist she trusted. So she had to learn how to do her own makeup for the big day. Gulp. Cami’s first foray into coverage makeup was  Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. She was always scared of trying foundation like so many of us are. There’s a definite stigma attached to wearing foundation. The biggest fear? CAKE FACE. She was, however, well aware that in order to get the best pictures, she’d have to wear foundation. After researching makeup lessons in NYC, she made a few appointments at the Armani counter at Saks. In the end a great choice as she fell in love with Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and the rest is history. As the dreaded aging process continues, Cami continues her quest for the best coverage. Below, she reviews five foundations and debunks the myths that go along with wearing foundation.


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Rating: 5/ 5
Comments: This foundation is silky, offers great coverage, helps with shine and has an overall natural look. It almost perfectly reflects light in photographs. If you’re in a rush, you can apply with your fingertips but you get a better look using a blender brush.
Quick tip: This foundation doesn’t seep into wrinkles as much with a brush and the brush strokes will fade after a minute or so.

Rating: 4/ 5
Comments: Cami was restocking makeup essentials at Barney’s when she realized they didn’t carry the Armani foundation. The woman at the counter recommended Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation. “It’s what all the Japanese TV stars use,” she said. Cami admits that it doesn’t give as much coverage as Armani but she highly recommends this for use during the day or if you’re a newbie to foundation. It feels slightly more water based and lightweight which allows for a beautiful finish.
Quick tip: This is a great starter foundation and ideal if you have fair skin.

Foundation 3: Dior Skin Foundation 

Rating: 2/ 5
Comments: Cami was on her way to London for a wedding and was worried about running out of her Armani foundation so she stopped by the duty free shop. When she realized they didn’t have Armani, she thought a good time to see if she could discover a product equally as great or better. After testing around a bit and decided on and purchased the Dior Skin Foundation. Unfortunately, this foundation doesn’t have as smooth as a finish, the colors were hard to match with her skin and looks more “makeup-y” on the skin than the prior two.
Quick tip: Don’t purchase this foundation.

Foundation 4: YSL Youth Liberator

Rating: 4*/ 5
Comments: When Cami admitted her love of foundation to a makeup artist friend, she recommended this foundation as a solid alternative to Armani. This foundation has a smooth, matte finish and doubles as a facial moisturizer. The 4* rating reflects the primary issue Cami found with the foundation– she found the SPF scent too overwhelming. The perfumy scent was too much and gave her a headache.
Quick tip: This foundation has a really nice finish and is great for darker skin. Be warned: if you don’t have a high tolerance for perfume scented beauty products, this foundation isn’t for you.

Foundation 5: MICA Beauty Cosmetics powder
Rating: 3/ 5
Comments: An aesthetician told Cami to use an organic powder foundation because she didn’t need as much coverage (aka has beautiful skin). She bought MICA powder thinking it would be a good foundation to wear during the day but found it didn’t provide the right amount of coverage for her. It didn’t do a great job of evening out her skin tone or eliminating redness. To quote the foundation master herself, “I’ll take some pore clogging for a better finish”.
Quick tip: This powder-based foundation is great for combination skin as it soaks up oil. And, if you have really great skin, this is for you. Only poke 3- 4 of holes (don’t take screen off) so you don’t waste as much powder. Flip the container over and tap a few times into the cover. Dip your foundation brush into the powder. Dab small amounts of the powder to the areas needing the most coverage.

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