The Crispy Egg

Frank Prisinzano of NYC is somewhat of a legend in our household. If you don’t follow his mouth-watering Instagram account, you’re missing out. His obsession (and rants) about the crispy egg is contagious and we’ve almost perfected it over here. A simple sunny-side up egg? Fuhgeddaboudit.

IMG_2267 IMG_2263IMG_2266
The ‘Cripsy Egg’ Method:

  • You don’t need a non-stick pan
  • The key is to start the egg out in smoking hot olive oil so you can achieve the crust on the bottom
  • Lower the heat down so the egg goes nice and slowly until all the white sets on top while the yolk still remains runny
  • The eggs should almost explode in the hot oil, the white should soufflé around the yolk and the bottom should form a crispy crust hard enough that you can remove the egg from a normal pan with a fish spatula with just a little scraping and shimmying
  • You should eat it immediately, “like a steak,” with lot of sea salt, pepper flakes, herbs and spices

(And here’s a little video)

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