Holiday Scented Candles

If I could have it my way, I’d burn holiday scented candles all year long. There’s something so comforting about the festive scents that help set the mood of the holidays and make the home so happyI think it’s kosher to start burning these the day after Thanksgiving (which is only weeks away!) so it’s time to stock up. My favorite holiday candles below:

233901442{Diptyque Resine}


{R. Nichols Grand Sparkle Candle}Holiday_Votive_Trio_Angle_large{R. Nichols Holiday Trio}
glow-candle{R. Nichols Glow Candle}

ESQ-08-le-labo-candle-2012-mdn{Le Labo, Pin 12}
NMC0EV3_mk{NEST Holiday Scented Candle}

HH18_feu-de-bois_700x560{Feu de Bois Ski House}


{Ralph Lauren Holiday}

prod200002_H12{Restoration Hardware Winter Home}

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