J. Crew November Picks

How many times have you heard, “I can’t believe it’s November” over the past few days? A valid statement, indeed. My Sunday morning consisted of cozying up with a cup of coffee and flipping through the new J.Crew catalog which left me wanting everything…

3c652b6b4e2c74ec2063d2266d468330{chunky turtleneck sweater}519a697c7ef663c4e857307fe5cfb104

{endless shirt}

27ec6ebde8a16195f230ef7d34ae7e73{pastel drop-waist coat}
3e8bb227535d7e0edf97f6733e06def1{chateau parka}

5160ba6e27808f6afcc7cfbb1c86fa3e{buffalo shirt jacket}

8c5dd32f4956a44121e5c202f8386744{stadium- cloth top coat}

ddd069380479bab31ae12c1e1d781a70{cocoon coat}

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