Marine Layer Ski Tahoe Party

Stop by the Workshop tonight from 6-9pm where Marine Layer will be hosting a “Pray for Snow” sweater sale and ski Tahoe party. They’ll be hanging out with TREW and Liftopia with lots of free booze, awesome ski gear and lift deals for all. I’m going to get a head start on my Christmas shopping and for some much needed comfy sweats.

unnamed san_francisco_5san_francisco_4PIP-MLW2-Juniper-Fa14-43jpg PIP-WOSC-CWWh-Fa14-21jpg PIP-WLAJL-ROOr-Fa14-62jpg PIP-MVQ1-NBBl-Fa14-23jpgPIP-WCPJ2-CGGr-Fa14-43jpg PIP-WCPJ2-CGGr-Fa14-44-Editjpg

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