La Matera

After a trip to Argentina two brothers started La Matera, a luxury leather accessories company inspired by the Argentine Countryside and perfected by American craftsmanship.


Gentlemen, if you haven’t heard of this company do your wardrobe a favor and purchase one of these belts. My husband (who I must say has an eye for belts) currently owns two styles. I’ve seen first hand how they add a rugged sophistication to his wardrobe whether he’s hitting the links, rocking a Canadian tuxedo or lounging in casual weekend wear. The designs are beautifully crafted and I’m a big fan of the Navajo prints. And frankly, it’s a welcomed new look from the preppy needlepoint belts I’ve grown up with.Bariloche_3_1024x1024

low_res_bordado_waist_shot2012_09_15_Belts_-_1104.NEFslide5 Mendoza_Still_life_with_barrels

corbina_still_life_vineyardAnd you bet I noticed Prince William’s belt when they introduced baby George to the world;)

Prince William Belt

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