Arizona Musings

We’re off to Arizona today which marks my last flight before the baby arrives…k, still processing that last statement over here. Stay tuned for more on our trip next week. Have a great long weekend!


tumblr_nbenmrMFhx1qdwltyo1_500tumblr_mpaazpxmjo1qb5gv4o1_500tumblr_m838wzHN7C1rbzhq1o1_500tumblr_nblprzP2qN1rjp8a3o1_500tumblr_mzsh3aXH061si4gueo1_500tumblr_n3a2dwJ7mz1rionq1o1_500aaf3005285c9759148bb8b16958ae55atumblr_lp022taEsP1qm65y1o1_500tumblr_mkclet2vM91qj0afdo1_50080154dee89531e4719f29a61eb0fdf30{images via La Matera}


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