Autumnal Tablescapes

This heat wave we’re currently experiencing in SF is bananas. For the first time in my life I’m running HOT and I officially take back all the times I’ve complained on this blog about the fog and cooler temps. Come (back) to Coco!! Let’s hope that we’ll be able to enjoy cozy dinners, chunky knits and crisp air sometime soon! Some autumnal tablescapes making me crave Fall weather even more:

38300908ba018f0319bd137baa5cdad832df011ee910a8d9ce1eafbafa962d299761098a9f4572eeecd56166ea7b92c3 a6f93a28aafadccb00168b368d63a44d3276440120769d93406a07e71c0b6057 faea3d61193256da87bdc098d262f7457e1c0cb31cb90f6ace79ccb37ad6494cd8f2974abaf9a0f843015842fab646f5e990a8264ed6d75fc1a26d3c2ba7dae2cced5bc5262298a533a706bc9557d3f210348eb808d5ef2377b7da984be5064e5bc38169f6f5390dad177365f429ea16


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