Five SF Bars to Try This Weekend

It’s always fun to switch up your routine. Below are five new-ish SF bars to check out this weekend if you haven’t already. All were named the Best New Bars: 100 bars across America by Food & Wine. Cheers to a great weekend!

  1. ABV (3174 16th St near Guerrero)


You’ll find those behind the long bar made out of a 100-year-old elm tree. Let’s see, there’s a highball section. A wall of mezcals. Plenty of scotch. And it’s probably in your best interest to consider the Land’s End with Jamaican rum, lemon and raspberry gum. If only because what the hell is raspberry gum…

  1. Coqueta’s Bar 5 (Pier 5, Embarcadero Drive)


Take in those exposed wooden beams and bull hides and warehouse windows looking out onto the bay. Nod your approval and start ordering liquid-nitrogen sangrias and Galleons (gin, acorn-apricot tonic, Spanish bitters…). But then there’s that bar. It used to be a patio when this place was Lafitte. Now it’s just a great place to see what the Bay Bridge is up to and ply your trade over braised oxtail paella and 180 bottles of wine.

  1. Dirty Habit in the Hotel Palomar (12 4th St near Market)


If you’re grabbing drinks with clients, come here. If you need a little something before shopping in Union Square, come here. If you want some sunlight that doesn’t blow your hair straight back, come here. If you… well, okay, we’ll just assume you’re coming here. If you and a date are still feeling a slight chill, say “Get Me a Juice Box” to your waiter. It’s a thermos full of hot toddy, arriving in a lunch box with a PBR and enough housemade bar nuts to share.

  1. Trick Dog (3010 20th St at Florida St)


Sit. Look around. What you’ll see is a dizzying array of bright colors—the yellow ceiling, the blue bar, the pink floor… the rainbow-like splendor of the drinks list. About that last one: the cocktails here are arranged by Pantone color. So when you want to order the olive-oil-infused-gin/Chartreuse Alligator Alley, you’ll look for green; for the beet juice/bourbon Pantone 7621, look for red. (For a martini, just ask for a martini.) It’s like picking out paint in a hardware store, but boozier.

  1. Trou Normand (140 New Montgomery St at Natoma)


Sidle into your tufted banquette by the big windows. Note the twinkle of a fork. Great, now that atmosphere has been established, you can get to it. The name refers to the French tradition of a brandy shot between courses. No reason to buck tradition here.  And if you still want to linger even after all that, the bar beckons with Algonquins (bourbon, lemon, pineapple gum, vermouth).

* Bar write-ups via UrbanDaddy

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