Sir and Star

Ever since this article was published, dining at Sir and Star has been at the top of my list. And it did not disappoint. John and I both agreed that it was the best meal we’ve ever had in the Bay Area. I was basically in tears over how good everything tasted. Truly.


SINCE 1876


The makings of our feast:

Dinner Rolls and Butter
Sweetened a Bit with Wild West Marin Honey

A Soup of Local Charred Leeks
Encircling Potato Salsa

Tempura of Squash Blossoms
Over a Salad of Jesse’s Toybox Tomatoes
Dappled with Baked Local Goat’s Milk Cheese

King Salmon Plucked From the Pacific
And Clams Culled From the Estero
Opened with Red Wine
Alongside Our Bacon and Annabelle’s Shelling Beans

Flat Iron Steak of Beef
Last Seen Grazing on Local Grasses
Now in the Embrace of Warren’s Onions and Young Carrots
Served with Bearnaise of Wild Stinging Nettles

Soft Serve Ice Cream Milked from the Cow That Day
Drizzled with Olive Oil and Sea Salt

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