J.Crew September Style Guide

Loved the forward by Jenna Lyons:

GREAT STYLE isn’t universal: it’s the opposite: It’s local. It’s personal. It’s a reflection of a person’s time and place. Doesn’t matter whether they’re from London, Kenya, NYC or Newport Beach; they’ve landed on a distinctive look that always includes a little something that makes it theirs, a marker of style DNA.

ffe17c4a2ac3d953333d8d582bc5ecf0{Varsity striped cashmere sweater}

a5139ee532fa8102f17d5970293fa24f{Dannie pant}

8dbc2e025c9f82055665b1efb4456023{Sterling jacket}

2f8cfca89c5e42beb8ff2b96c7d9f73c{Camo shirt}

c13e86a055166df9486bdff0bea71a55{Cashmere Swing Sweater}

630666d76009efa1a7809cb112095853{Rib-stich Dolman sweater and Collection calf hair double zip loafers}

7e63d639f33a4940d923843bd2ec8ffa{Turner Pant}

 Psst: 25% off with the code SHOPNOW. Have a great weekend!

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