Pregnancy Essentials

While I’m still learning about baby gear and coming to terms with all the toys and kids items that will soon fill my apartment, I’m a pro when it comes to making myself comfortable during pregnancy. Here’s a list of my current essentials:

1. bkr bottles– Impending motherhood has been driving me to drink…WATER. And lots of it. Bkr bottles have been a savior while at work.


2. Arnicare Arnica Cream: Great for sore muscles. I rub this on my upper back and neck after yoga or before bed.


3. VitaMedMD prenatal vitamins: I never thought I had a weak stomach until I started taking prenatal vitamins. I tried every brand out there and this is the only one I can tolerate (also comes highly recommended by my OBGYN and acupuncturist).


4. Elizabeth W hot/cold flaxseed pack: See this post. Life changing but beware your partner/ husband will try to steal it on the reg.


5. Everyday Shea lotion: I love the lavendar + lemon scent (I buy this at my local Real Foods market). Great for when the baby arrives too!

EDS-00585-26. Basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter– there’s no telling if this works until post-baby but it’s worth a shot!



7. Soapwalla Pregnant Belly Oil: Use it at night before bed otherwise, it’s too greasy. Works to relieve tight, itchy skin (oh the joys!).


8. Bumpnest pillow: I’m holding off on using this for as long as possible (my husband and I share a queen bed and this thing looks human in size).

9. Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Leggings: My preggo companion, Ana, gifted me these leggings which I swear by (and have lived in since I received them). Super high quality and not see-through like so many others I’ve tried.



10. Acupuncture & Yoga: I’m a firm believer in the importance of mind/ body when going through a major transition period (ie- growing a human) and these have kept me sane. My friend Meg has been a savior and my go-to girl for all things pregnancy. She introduced me to Camille at Stillpoint Wellness for acupuncture and Kari Marble at The Mindful Body for prenatal yoga (highly recommend both if you live in San Francisco).


{happy baby drawing by Julie}



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