Some news…

photoI’m excited to share the news that we’re expecting a baby in January! I’m notoriously terrible when it comes to surprises but we’ve decided to keep it old school and not find out the sex. My four-year-old niece recently put her ear to my belly and exclaimed wide-eyed that “the baby’s name is Victor and he’s crying like crazy.” Hmm? Let’s see if we have a little psychic on our hands…minus the crying bit, please.

So far I’m feeling great and have had an incredibly smooth pregnancy. People always ask about cravings. Honestly, I’m craving the same things as the day I began eating solid foods: mac n cheese, bagels, Haribo gummy bears…nothing new here! Except tighter pants errr, tighter everything. We are so beyond excited, a little terrified, and can’t wait to meet our little one come early 2015.

Now we’re off to Nantucket for some R&R with my family. It’s crazy to think that at this time next year we’ll be jetting off with a six-month-old in tow! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

DSC_0387DSC_0408DSC_0383 - Version 2

 [Many thanks to my sweet co-worker, Alyssa, for the drawing
and to my sis, Jenny J, for the pics!]

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