Wedding Wednesday Spotlight

I’ve been trying to get my hands on Julie and Will’s wedding photos for months and when I finally got a little preview they took my breath away…

5a0f7f7e7de7c92f1aba74c3c501ed82 6a91f04b3a6e32058feddb658e2e6cff3c. brideandbouquet 9a5658fe9327f3640ed8e2dbc16a01675. groomsmen5d f139a8beb3513c7bdda2ce24b2f0323eeric kelley-3367 escortedfavorseric kelley-3528a11b1c.brideandgroom f7c950c1d701dc2c87ab53b1267d4f1f 21e5dc6533d621cf89f26f6d3cd591d25fdc582c56c4026697b68ab469259b1eeric kelley-3351b.brideandgroom22d2fdesserttableAbout the bride’s Kinsley James dress:

Julia holds a special place in our hearts here at Kinsley James!  We met Julia on our opening day; she was one of our first appointments and became the first Kinsley James bride!  All the stars were aligned for Julia, for us, and for the designer, Tara LaTour, who Julia connected with instantly. Tara’s inspiration for the collection was “Where the Wild Things Are” which Julia loved since she is an aspiring children’s books author!  We were so excited to help Julia find the perfect gown. She decided on a custom ‘Tay’ by Tara Latour wedding gown, and worked closely with us and the designer throughout the process to make sure that every detail fulfilled her vision. Her gown fit perfectly, and she looked absolutely beautiful on her wedding day. She was a pleasure to work with and became a great friend to all of us here at Kinsley James!

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