Socks that don’t stink

Confession: I like to sleep in socks. Before you knock this not-so-sexy sleeping habit, apparently Sofia Vergara does too. To quote her, “I sleep in pretty socks, not like dirty socks”. Amen, sister! Luckily, my husband’s sock drawer is within arms distance of my side of the bed and much to his displeasure, I always go for the softest, prettiest pair.

And there’s more good news. My friend is launching his new sock line, Heath Paine which “weaves intelligent materials with boldness that stands out from the boardroom to the bar” [and bed?]The socks are all natural, American made, and fashionable just like the two founders.

Check out their Kickstarter page and video to back the project and learn more. Trust me, the world needs more socks (as evidenced by my neighborhood laundromat, “The Missing Sock”).



Check out my friend Alexandra’s hilarious interview with the dynamic duo behind Heath Paine here.


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