Move over Hanky Pankys

Bear with me, boys…

I’ve never really been a fan of Hanky Panky thongs. I still own a ton but am always on the hunt for something better. Enter: ThirdLove’s Lace Thong (one size fits all and way cheaper). They are incredibly comfortable, stretchy, and available in a variety of cute colors.


10448960_1531733400388201_1328398442_aI’ll be ordering some customize-sized bras from ThirdLove as well. Friends have raved about the fit. The company also offers half sizes–perfect for women who have always been between cup sizes. Genius, right? Here’s more on how the app and sizing technology works:

Simply download the app, take two photos wearing a tight-fitting tank, and we’ll determine your perfect bra size.

How does it work? The ThirdLove app transforms your smartphone into a virtual measuring tape. Our computer vision and image recognition algorithms determine the size of your body in relation to your smartphone to calculate your measurements.



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