Space.NK Summer Sale

One of my favorite beauty destinations, London-based Space.NK.apothecary is officially launching their big summer sale tomorrow. However, guests can gain early access online today and find products up to 50% off. I was recently introduced to the line, African Botanics, and it’s quickly become a favorite.


US300023512_AFRICANMarula Stretchmark Botanical Body Balm– great for pregnant and post-baby mamas!
{From $55 to $27}

US300023504_AFRICANMarula Firming Body Balm– this non-greasy formula improves skin elasticity.
{From $55 to $27}

US300023508_AFRICANMarula Botanical Body Hydrator– too much sun? Slather this on.
{From $55 to $27}

US300024246_AFRICANThe Marula Ritual– just the starter kit you need for dry summer skin.
{From $75 to $37}

Stay tuned for more great brands going on sale tomorrow!



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