Happy Summer

Tomorrow marks the first day of summer. I’ve lived in San Francisco for four years and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the “summers” here. I’m not being a baby…do you follow @karlthefog on Instagram? I have a few trips planned back East but until then I’ll be dreaming of summer cookouts, (warm) beaches, lobster rolls, (good) bagels, (warm) boat rides, Dunkin Donuts iced coff…I think seasonal depression has already kicked in? [For the record, it’s an incredibly beautiful day today.] Have a great weekend everyone! Hammock-on-beach-Oberto-Gili-Courtesy-of-Ralph-Lauren-Corporation-810x1024one-pot-clambake-2-646a8be39d89850d4d45ae438f59ad2ed4ebeb4ecc11de7abda5f6a1ba4e38213b869b1001717fcd74cc6326305b1451c91 5a1e2c1ea154f3f4b04faf0ae06013dadae39a4ec0a5ab4fdf5323b4c0e53d45687aef4087a89a9aa92334c028d3eea75f3a1da0d1ad5af519d4e2a6806c6c1ef62ff6bedb07a7eac5afe055d1176e3a559a7debce76431434f825d73d4b1c9fa3e22b01485c2c94efd1871712e6e6e24dcf5d914c3a23f635943e7029dc2091d8bb5a35057473b612c9f088633752000d7b7c8be544a9721b86b594d5087850

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