Sugar Paper

I’ve collected greeting cards and stationary for as long as I can remember–something I definitely inherited from my mom who has shelves stocked with cute thank you notes, birthday cards, Valentine’s Day cards (you name it). I even made Pinterest board dedicated to ‘Invitations, Cards + Stationary‘, fueling my obsession.

I first came across Sugar Paper stationary when I visited the Bespoke Home in Palo Alto and fell in love with all of the letterpress options. I made a mental note to look into the company and it was a happy accident when I stumbled upon Sugar Paper’s stationary shop this past weekend at Brentwood Country Mart. I walked away with some beautifully crafted greeting cards and still can’t get their customized stationary off my mind…

Sugar Paper productimage-picture-elephant-hello-note-set-1592 productimage-picture-sassy-note-set-1259 productimage-picture-birthday-boy-crown-card-785 productimage-picture-baby-giraffe-card-1029 productimage-picture-saloon-father-s-day-card-1201Customized Stationary and Business Cards:

stationery_2_2_jpg_690x370_crop-_upscale-_q85 WollackStat-Portfolio-croppedin_png_690x370_crop-_upscale-_q85 stationery_1_3_jpg_690x370_crop-_upscale-_q85 stationery_7_jpg_690x370_crop-_upscale-_q85 stationery_12_jpg_690x370_crop-_upscale-_q85 stationery_15_jpg_690x370_crop-_upscale-_q85

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