Picks from J.Crew June Style Guide


{Chevron Maxidress}

7325e4f9a80bf01bdfec09f94ce63c93 {Side-Slit Tunic in Stripe}

58266f6a5371ba2378884da1c15bb6b9 {Sweatshirt Tunic}

b3cdc99da03f2682ecea606ffbed8b01 {Drapey Beach in Bell Floral Pant}

62f26971791268f3f897ef2020aedf9f {Tie-Dye One Piece}

57f41efd3dfadac011f8274244aecde8 {Graphic Floral Bikini}

0672724c952c7335bae388329670885e{Embroidered Linen Flounce Top}

70b7394fe51e56759981858194d06e08{Downing Tote in Stripe Leather}

6f3b8d1e10ba0733fdc38079fa8cedbc{Irish Linen Shirt}

84897790138c7cd267e0aae0b0299ba4{Cotton Beach Sweater in Heather Pepper Stripe}

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