Bloom & Plume

With weddings, showers, and summer events around the corner I can’t help but be inspired by Maurice Harris’ floral designs. Based in Los Angeles, his creations are nothing short of breathtaking. I dig his style too.

arar-maurice-harris-florist-jasmine-e137400050846820130212-warby-la-bloomandplume-0075-1024x682 bloomandplume4703_full6430ea0440f1be392b8e2d3c8970c08107e7fb7c346ad4b2292c8d32bc56dee0tumblr_n4lwfi6svr1rhvxxmo1_500tumblr_n4ak0vB1hF1rhvxxmo1_500tumblr_mvwl4a7BiA1rhvxxmo1_500tumblr_mu3uumx7uK1rhvxxmo1_500tumblr_mx336xps3K1rhvxxmo1_500tumblr_mpojb3givr1rhvxxmo1_500tumblr_mn0e9t5rYa1rhvxxmo1_500

You can follow his Tumblr account here. Have a great weekend!

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