A Bolinas Hideaway

While touring this beachy Bolinas cottage, I felt a world away from home. In reality, we were only 45 minutes from San Francisco; proving that sometimes going outside of your 10 mile comfort zone provides just the inspiration you need. With the views, outdoor shower, sun-drenched seating areas, succulents and decor, there isn’t a better spot to stop and recharge. DSC_0439 DSC_0440DSC_0455 DSC_0442 DSC_0444 DSC_0445 DSC_0453 DSC_0446 DSC_0450 DSC_0458 DSC_0472 DSC_0464 DSC_0463 DSC_0462 DSC_0471 DSC_0466 DSC_0467 DSC_0460 DSC_0461DSC_0470 DSC_0474

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