Happy birthday sis!

Today my youngest sister turns 21 years old. Instead of waking up with a devil of a hangover, she’ll wake up with a sense of “I just crushed every other 21 year old born on April 7th.” She ran her second half marathon this weekend and while I’m not sure she’ll have any toenails by next week, we are incredibly proud. I’d like to say that my other sisters and I were great influences but that would be a bold face lie (and the last time I ran a mile was in high school gym class). Happy birthday JEJ! We love you!



photo{Hangover? What hangover? #beentheredonethat}

Throwing it back to a time when Jej loved The Little Mermaid more than chocolate:

IMG_5240 IMG_8618 IMG_1851 IMG_9373 IMG_0384

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