J. Crew April Picks

bb82155376ba8563f21d7bed81038fdc{Linen perfect shirt in flax}
1b2e5a65e8787ec9d91a905d1836c00a{Linen baseball tee in heather grey/ vanilla}
44cf072b2d975e3479ace68b99ac7800{Drapey pencil skirt in pink geo}


{Pink geo shirtdress}d79063e92a90f544ea6bfd14d8f63013 {Featherweight cashmere arrow- sleeve sweater} cbf15ce632c59e1852d42f723d447eb0 {Pom-pom tunic}f7ad04fff42f82664fc27f714453a1a5{Mini geo printed bikini}02599e015c9ae2e33a5adc650d24f8bb{Floral Pastel Tortoise Cuff}

44319aecbe386bafdae73760c310f303{Not sure how practical this is but I’m drawn to this Ludlow dark sage suit}

629fd8a5e65d85c9dbaa6a3a55ed115a{Bowery classic in cotton twill pants}919d98526ebcda207ace08f1e707761f{Ludlow Herringbone linen sportcoat}

42ee39a4caebb0aa0d04759acab2e200{Vintage Grey Club Shorts}87efe2f555fa5cf7db6b1a95cdff1f90{Vans for J.Crew in nickel}

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