Malissa Ryder

In need of a post Oscars pick-me-up? I’ve been eyeing the original watercolors below by artist, Malissa Ryder for some time now. I’d love to add the lava forms painting to my home office wall. There’s something so beautiful about the simplicity of her art and I love all the colors (I’m really making an effort to get over my addiction to neutrals). Check these beauties out: anthology-mag-blog-malissa-ryder-1 anthology-mag-blog-malissa-ryder-5 anthology-mag-blog-malissa-ryder-4il_570xN.560840385_pf4m anthology-mag-blog-malissa-ryder-3 anthology-mag-blog-malissa-ryder-2il_570xN.504260908_9xk9il_570xN.455104488_m9jjView her entire collection here. Have a great start to your week!

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