International Orange Spa

Allure Magazine named International Orange’s 75 Minute Custom Enzyme Facial as one of the best in the US. I’ve been a long time fan of this spa (see here) and if you live in or are visiting San Francisco, you’re in luck. Their focus facial and power peel is 30% off (Tuesday- Thursday only). You can purchase it here.

Some fun facts about IO from Allure:

The word: Gwyneth Paltrow and Julia Roberts are fans of this spa and yoga studio.

The feel: Zen in attitude and decor, with a “please practice silence” sign at the entrance.

The treatment: Our aesthetician used a cocktail of fruit enzymes, including a cranberry scrub that we loved (and bought) and a tingling pumpkin-papaya-and- pineapple mask that rid us of our blackheads and ashy cast.

Bottom line: Inner peace and a voucher for a free yoga class were nice perks, but our gorgeous skin was the real payoff.



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