Monday Musings: Safari Chic

Dreaming of Africa.

24-magazine-0607-keira-knightley_190804628798 25-magazine-0607-keira-knightley_19080535669828-magazine-0607-keira-knightley_1908071666229-magazine-0607-keira-knightley_19080890103836-magazine-0607-keira-knightley_19081252408026-magazine-0607-keira-knightley_190806702918 33-magazine-0607-keira-knightley_190810868116 27-magazine-0607-keira-knightley_19080665842132-magazine-0607-keira-knightley_19081023061431-magazine-0607-keira-knightley_190809457232 34-magazine-0607-keira-knightley_19081141153035-magazine-0607-keira-knightley_190812130917{Images via Vogue}

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And stay tuned for a post from my travel guru, Ana, who will soon be sharing images from her recent trip to Africa.

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