NYFW Street Style: Neutrals

It seems that Camel is the “it color” right now. Do we have Kim Kardashian to thank? Don’t roll your eyes too soon

NYFW-DAY5-31_125428991776 nyfw-street-style-8_101631624900 nyfw-street-style-10_130739940390 NYFW-DAY5-17_125419734216 nyfw-street-style-12_130741238156 nyfw-street-style-2-13_105435207262 nyfw-street-style-2-11_105433960416 nyfw-street-style-day-1-13_095706968600 nyfw-street-style-2-15_105436339227 NYFW-DAY5-27_125426315528 nyfw-street-style-2-9_105450539721 NYFW-DAY5-23_125425859614 NYFW-DAY5-22B_125424549568 NYFW-DAY5-19_125421451705 nyfw-street-style-22_130746503427 nyfw-street-style-17_101623476583 nyfw-street-style-20_101626772876

{images via Vogue}

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