The Smudging Ceremony

Just add me to the list of San Francisco mediums. I took the whole “it’s a New Year make a fresh start” quite literally a few weeks ago and decided to have a smudging ceremony at my apartment. Smudging is a common practice or ritual which is meant to rid the negative energy/ghosts/ bad spirits in your home. You bet I believe in ghosts & may or may not be clairvoyant #thepanzas.

How does the sage come into play, you wonder?

“Sage is one of the most sacred herbs. The clean burning sage is used in the energy cleansing ritual known as smudging (or purification), which in theory means, the smoke would attach itself to the negative energy of the area and cleanse it so that it becomes positive energy,” according to the Catch A Ghost Paranormal Equipment website.*

I purchased a sage smudge stick from the San Francisco Herb Co, a quaint little shop in the Mission. The instructions on the bag are simple: light one end and blow or fan gently. Always thoroughly extinguish after use.

How to smudge your home: 
1. Purchase or make your own sage smudge stick.
2. Light a candle and set your intention for your home.
3. Light the smudge stick with the candle over a plate.
4. Begin at the front door and slowly work your way around the house letting the smoke flow into every corner, closet, cabinet, blogging nook…you get the idea.
5. Work in one direction, counter-clockwise is usually best for banishing, all the way through the home until you are back where you started.
6. Allow sage stick to smolder for 10-15 minutes before snuffing.
7. Open a window to allow bad spirits escape.*

* Note: Throughout the entire process you may want to open multiple windows so your fire alarm doesn’t go off… 



* I ain’t afraid of no ghost.


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